Workflow Folder Viewer


Shows the relationship of the records within the system, and offers another method of quickly accessing viewers. The Folder Viewer also guides the user through data entry and similar processes.


Recommended for easily navigating the system.

Access by clicking this top bar button.

Important Fields:

The Workflow Folder Viewer window is divided into upper and lower sections. The upper section consists of a topics list. Simply click on the topic you wish to access.

The lower section of the window contains "folders" of information on the topic you selected. To select and open a folder, simply click on its title tab.

Each folder contains an interactive chart illustrating the relationship between records. If you are entering data, the chart also indicates the order in which information must be entered.

In each chart, you must enter the items at the top first, and then work your way down following the arrows. To enter data, simply click a chart label to access the appropriate viewer. After entering your data, you could simply close the record viewer to return to the Folder Viewer. Next, you could click on the next item down in the chart to access its viewer.

Tip: Custom Folders
A registry entry may be created to customize the Topics that appear on the Folders viewer, as well as which Tabs (charts) appear on which Topics. This registry entry may apply to all users, or multiple registry entries may be created to apply to specific user groups, branches, security settings, or users. For further information, click on Registry.