Balance Sheet Report


This Balance Sheet report is currently obsolete for most users. Contact your Data-Basics support representative for an updated Balance Sheet report if one is not already included on your system.

This report lists Asset, Liability and Equity accounts. The following information is listed for each account: GL Id, Description, GL Entity, and Fiscal YTD ($). Totals are listed for the Asset, Liability and Equity Accounts, and the YTD Profit/Loss and Out-Of-Balance amounts are calculated.


After completing the fields and clicking the go button, the system will ask you to select a printer. After you do so, the Report viewer will appear so that you can select the pages and number of copies to print. Note that if a printer registry entry has been created for the report you are printing, the report may automatically print to a specific printer: see Printer Registry for details).

Important Fields:

Report Options:
The Report Options selector pane controls how the report will be output. Click Report Options to learn more.

Report Ranges:
The Report Ranges selector pane enables you to select a customized range for the report. When you click on a range, the criteria defining it will appear in the ID field(s). Creating a customized report range is discussed below. Notice that you must name a custom range in order to save it. Enter a unique, alphanumeric name to save and identify your customized report Range.

Hint: You can create user-defined report ranges that are available to all users with access to that report. To do so, the first character of the named range should be an asterisk. Named ranges beginning with an asterisk will appear on all users' report ranges options so that they can be selected (but not altered) by any user with access to that report. Only the user that created the report range is allowed to alter it.

Fiscal Start Date End Date
These required fields define the Year to Date range of the report. Enter the dates in mmddyyyy format or double-click on the field to access the Calendar viewer to do so.

Consolidated Report?
If this box is blank and your firm uses GL Entities, separate lines will be generated for each applicable entity per entry per asset, liability or equity account. If you check this box, entity information will be consolidated into one line.

GL Entity Group Id:
Limits the report to entries pertaining to this GL Entity Group.

GL Entity Id:
To display balance sheet information for a single GL Entity, enter its Id. Multiple GL Entities may be specified by separating their Id's with a comma (11,12). A range of GL Entities may be defined by the first and last items of the range separated by an underscore (11_67).

Power-User Reporting Tip:
You may also use the comparison operators >,<, = and ! in your report ranges to control the information output to your report. Click Comparison Operators for details.