GL Report Scheduling Options


This input screen is launched from the GL Report Set viewer. It enables you to execute all reports in this Report Set using the input parameters you enter here.

Scheduled Report Manager must be running in order for your reports to be executed.

A User-Defined Function for each of your GL Reports must exist. In addition, the appropriate User Group access must be enabled for this function.


Enter the Options as needed for this report set, and then click the OK button.

Select a printer, and click the Go button. Your reports will be printed and distributed via email.

Important Fields:

The system will complete this field based on the Report Set Id and the GL Reporting Period that you select. This description will appear on the list of Scheduled Reports.

Run Date
Enter the date that the report is scheduled to run. Today's date will default. To change the date you can: Enter it in mmddyyyy format; Double-click to access the Calendar viewer; Press the + key on the numeric keypad to add a day (or days) to the date.

Run Time
Enter the time (in 24 hour/military format) the report is scheduled to run. For example, to run the report at 3:00am you would enter 0300. To run the report at 8:30pm, you would enter 2030.

Distribution Options

This box must be checked for e-mail distribution. See Registry Entry System Email for a discussion on setting your firm’s e-mail configuration.

Distribute as: Attachment Link
Typically, Attachment would be selected. Note, however, that if you elect to save your reports as text files, they will be incorporated in the body of the email instead of an attachment.

Email Address
You may enter the actual addresses to distribute the report to, an email group or groups, or specify the users or user groups below. When referencing an Email Group, you must surround the Email Group Id with brackets. For example, if you have created an Email Group with the Id sales, you would enter it in a SAM Pro email field as [sales] to indicate that it is a token replacement and not, itself, an email address.

Email Subject
Specifies the Subject line of the e-mail.

User List
User Group List
If you specify users or groups, the e-mail address will be taken from the user record.

Email From
The address that this e-mail comes from. This should be a valid address that can be replied to.

File Options

Save Report File
If this box is checked, a copy of the report will be saved to disk.

Overwrite Existing?
If this box is checked, the report will overwrite an existing file of this name. By default, report file names are generated so that they include a date and time stamp, it is highly unlikely that any overwriting will occur.

Save Report as: PDF DBReport  HTML Text  CSV
Selects the format the report will be saved and sent in; by default, this field is set to PDF. Note that the intended user must be running Data-Basics in order to view a DBReport file.

If Text is selected, the report will be embedded in the body of the e-mail instead of being sent as attachment.

File Name
This field may be used to override the default file name generated by the system.

Directory Name
Specifies the directory that the report will be saved in (e.g., C:\archive\reports). This field defaults from the Registry Entry for Report Anywhere File Path .