GL Report Set Viewer


This viewer defines a set of GL Reports that may be executed by Report Manager. For example, it may be used to have the system automatically run a series of month-end reports by entity, and e-mail them to the desired recipients.


Once you have created the report set or sets, you can run your reports by going to the report set record at the appropriate time (e.g., end of month), and then schedule the reports for the desired date and GL Reporting period.


Scheduled Report Manager must be running in order for your reports to be executed.

A User-Defined Function for each of your GL Reports must exist. In addition, the appropriate User Group access must be enabled for this function.

Important Fields: Upper Section

GL Report Set Id:
Uniquely identifies this record.

Briefly describes this set – optional but highly recommended for clarity.

Schedule Reports Button:
Pushing the OK button launches a ‘enter scheduling options’ screen that emulates the selection of the 'Schedule Report' followed by the a simulated push of the GO button.  The user must select the printer and hit ok. 

Parameters entered here apply to all scheduled reports unless overridden by the parameters entered specifically for a single report.

Using the Parameters fields is similar to making registry entries.  Parameters are entered as key=value pairs separated by semi-colons.  The key indicates the name of the field that should have its value set to the specified parameters value.  The currently supported parameters are as follows...

glrprt.cmmntry={Commentary Text as desired}
rnd-dllrs={Y or N}
glbl.rprt-cnsldtd={Y or N}
glbl.rprt-inclde-zro-lns={Y or N}{blank or a single value from the GL Entity Group List}{blank or a single id or a list of ids or a range of ids}

English versions of the supported parameters are also available as follows...

commentary={Commentary Text as desired}
round={Y or N}
consolidate={Y or N}
includezero={Y or N}
entitygroupid={blank or a single value from the GL Entity Group List}
entityid={blank or a single id or a list of ids or a range of ids}



Important Fields: Lower Section

GL Report Id:
Enter a valid GL Report Id or double-click to select from a list.

The parameters that you enter here will override all those entered in the upper section. Refer to the previous discussion of Parameter for details.