Hold Open/Let Close Buttons

The Hold Viewer Open On/Off buttons allow you to decide if viewer that was opened to take information back to a record will remain open after the Take Back operation is completed. The advantage of leaving a viewer open after a take operation is increased speed: the next time you access the viewer, the system does not need to open it. However, you may opt to close viewers after the take operation if your memory resources are limited.

image\side_pinhead.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_HoldOn.gif

When the Hold Open button displays, the viewer remains open after a take operation. Pushing this button toggles it to the Let Close position.

image\side_pinside.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_Hold.gif

When the Let Close button displays, the viewer will close after the take operation is completed. Pushing this button toggles it to the Hold Open position.