Registry WO Status by Tech Web Access (sys-web-access)


This provides a means of specifying different initial work order status defaults for a Tech with web access = 'none' versus a web access = 'technician', ‘subcontractor’ or ‘csr’ This default status may be overridden in New Call in the Override Tech Status field. 

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.


We strongly recommend discussing this registry entry with your support representative before implementing it as it has implications involving escalation management and dispatching. The default behavior for the system, in the absence of this registry entry, is for new work orders to be set to Waiting Service (if Web Access = None in the Technician record) or Unacknowledged (if Web Access= Technician or Subcontractor).

Note - WO Materials Requisitioning Disregards this Entry:
If a Work Order is created with Required Resources by one of the following means:

Specifying/checking PM Parts on the Client Site Equipment PM Schedule (DisableReqPMParts is not set to true in sys-start-scrtepmwo)

Specifying PM Parts in Master Contract (DisableReqPMParts is not set to true in sys-start-scrtepmwo)

Attaching Required Resources in New Call 

the Technician status will always be is set to Waiting Parts instead of the default status for that type of technician, or the presence of this registry entry.

Related Registry Settings:

Release to Tech button To Status

Release to Tech button From Statuses

Important Fields:

  sys-web-access-client  (use for special purposes in escalation management)
   sys-web-access-csr (obsolete)

Specify Status for Specific Work Order Types

Setting Key: StatusForwrkordr_type Setting Value: wrkordrlgtype_id

where wrkordr_type is replaced by a specific Work Order Type (e.g., Service) and wrkordrlgtype_id is replaced by the log type (status) that a work order of this type should be set to initially.

Setting Key: StatusForPreventiveMaint Setting Value: WaitDispApprvl

NOTE: This registry is trumped by the NewWorkOrderStatus registry. If the NewWorkOrderStatus registry is used, the following registry should be used to ensure that PM Work Order are assigned the proper status.

Override NewWorkOrderStatus for New PM Work Orders

This registry should be set to enable Preventative Maintenance Work Orders (generated by Create PM Work Orders) to be assigned a special status when they are created even when NewWorkOrderStatus is set (which trumps the older StatusForPreventiveMaint registry option).

Registry Id: sys-web-access-none and sys-web-access-technician

Setting Key: OverrideNewWorkOrderStatus Setting Value: astatus

Specify Default Status by Tech Web Access

Setting Key: DefaultStatus Setting Value: wrkordrlgtype_id

where wrkordrlgtype_id is replaced by the default initial status, if not specifically defined by work order type.

Example 1:
Here's an actual example that would set the status for PM WOs to waiting dispatcher approval instead of waiting service for tech's with no web access.  

Id:  sys-web-access-none

Setting Key: StatusForPreventiveMaint Setting Value: WaitDispApprvl

Setting Key: DefaultStatus Setting Value: Pending

Note the addition of the 'DefaultStatus' Contents entry.  This means all other work assigned to a tech with 'none' as the web access type defaults the status to Pending instead of Waiting Service.

TechAnywhere Option for Dispatch Control of WO Release to Wireless Devices

Setting Key: NewWorkOrderStatus Setting Value: Pending 

The WO status Pending is designed for use with TechAnywhere so that a work order can be created as pending, but not be sent to the technician’s wireless device until is released. When this option is implemented, all new wo’s will be created with a status of Pending.

When the Release to Tech button (on the dispatch board or the work order Technician tab), the line’s status will be changed from Pending to the Default Status for the technician unless overridden by the global settings referenced in the Related Registry section of this topic.

The typical registry entry for this situation would be:

Id: sys-ffv-global-settings

Setting Key: TechReleaseToStatus Setting Value: Unacknowledged (or another log type status)

Id: sys-web-access-technician

Setting Key: DefaultStatus Setting Value: Pending

Setting Key: NewWorkOrderStatus: Setting Value: Pending

With this setup, if the tech ID is changed on the workorder it will not automatically switch to unacknowledged thereby releasing the workorder to the technician. It allows the status to stay at pending while changing the tech on the workorder rather than releasing it to TechAnywhere or SubAnywhere.