Registry TechAnywhere (sys-techanywhere)

Id:   sys-techanywhere

Do Not Auto Post TechAnywhere Invoices

Setting Key: AutoPostCOD    Setting Value: false

This entry is required;  if it is set to true or is absent the post will not operate correctly.

In earlier  SAM Pro releases, the post would create an Invoice, AR Sales Journal, and Cash Receipt. This was found to not be desirable in practice because the back office wished to retain control over the process, and often needed to adjust various billing amounts.

When the Setting Value is false (as it is for all current TechAnywhere installations), the behavior is completely changed. An invoice master record is still created, but now left at the status of New, and no AR Sales Journal or Cash Receipt is created. All imported lines come in without an AR invoice reference ID so that they can be billed normally via Service Compute. AR entries can then be created through SAMPro.

Collateral Files

Setting Key: CollateralDirectory   Setting Value: path to uploaded TA collateral files

The CollateralDirectory is required.  It identifies the location where uploaded files can be found.    It will be a path pointing to the server's Visual Works installation.  The value of the entry is dictated by the Visual Works installation.  This entry ONLY impacts the server-side posting, not the actual uploading of the files from TechAnywhere to the server.

Setting Key: AttachCollateralToSite  Setting Value:  true or false

AttachCollateralToSite is optional and defaults to true.  This tells the post whether or not to include a reference to the Client Site in the Document records created from the uploaded collateral.    Note that collateral files will always be attached to the Work Order and to the Equipment record referenced in the TA Collateral List.

Change to Default Behavior for TA Viewable Invoices

The default behavior of the Start TechAnywhere Post function has been changed so that any uploaded documents with Category equal to 'Invoice' or 'Receipt' do NOT have the document record's Tech Viewable automatically set to True unless this registry entry is found:

NOTE:  This change does not affect the CRM Viewable and CSR Viewable values.  They continue to be set to True for all uploaded documents as coded.

To reinstate the previous default behavior, the system will check for the following registry entry:

Setting Key: ReceiptsTechViewable  Setting Value: True

If this option is set, any uploaded documents from TechAnywhere with the Category equal to 'Invoice' or 'Receipt' will have the document record's Tech Viewable automatically set to True.