Inventory Adjustment Location to Location Fill Lines Wizard



This Wizard is launched via the Fill Lines Wizard button in the Inventory Adjustments Journal when the Transaction Type is set to Loc-to-Loc. This Wizard streamlines the transfer of all inventory at one location to another location. The Location to Location Wizard will be invoked if the Location to Location button is selected when the wizard is launched.

Fill Lines Wizard: Please Your Transfer Locations

Location Id:

This required field defines the Location from which the Inventory should transferred.

Enter the Location the Inventory should be transferred to.  

Click the OK button to continue, or Cancel to exit the Wizard without completing the transaction.

When the user clicks the OK button, the Wizard auto-fills the lines in the child with the current list of on hand parts numbers and quantities in the From location specified and sets them up to transfer to the specified To location; note that Inventory Items flagged as obsolete are excluded.

IMPORTANT: After completing the Wizard, you must SAVE the journal entry for the transfer to be made.