Inventory Item Supercedes Tab

This display-only tab lists the parts that the selected Inventory Item supercedes.

If a part appears in this tab, is is because the Superceded By field on its Other tab is completed. A string of superseded parts can be created that will result in the latest part number being returned to the data entry screen. For example, Part A could be superseded by Part B which could be superseded by Part C. If the user were to type in Part A, Part C would be returned if he elected to use the new item.

When a superseded part number is entered into the inventory item id field of the Work Order Inventory lines, Work Order Required Resources lines, Purchase Order Inventory lines, COP Order Entry lines or Quote Master Inventory lines the system will alert the user that

Item A has been superceded by Item B. Use New Item?

It the user clicks Yes, the new part (B) will be returned to the field. If the user clicks No, part A (which has been superceded) will remain in the field.