Inventory Item BOM (Bill of Materials) Tab


Specifies the type and number of other parts (inventory items) required to make one of these items (discrete manufacturing) or the Yield amount in the Inventory header record (process manufacturing).


The bill of materials for a gadget could consist of:
 3 gizmo
 1 whatsit
 2 widgets


Used for costing information and to generate shop order orders. The parts Id and Quantity information on the Bill of Material is generated to the USE tab for each item enumerated in the BOM.

image\BOMCSV.gif This button is located on the side button bar of the Inventory Item BOM tab. When clicked, this button dumps the BOM to a CSV formatted file that can then be imported into Excel. This feature uses the CSV settings (for file formatting and saving) specified in the Registry Entry for CSV (Comma Separated Value) Files . The user may launch Excel with the newly created CVS file loaded directly from SAM Pro.

The CSV file contains the following columns: Master Id, Description, Quantity, UM, Component Id, Description, Unit Cost, and Total Cost.

Important Fields:

Note that when the record is saved, the BOM will be displayed in Inventory Item Id order.

Quantity (numeric 00000.000)
The quantity of this part required to make one item (discrete) or the yield (process) specified on the main Inventory screen.

Inventory Id
Specifies the part (inventory item) required. Double-click on this field (or press Alt+F7) to display a list of items from which to select. The Inventory Item Name will be filled in when you select an Id.

Last Cost
The last purchase cost of this part (including freight). This display-only field is maintained by the system.

Total BOM Cost
This display only field is maintained by the system and includes the freight cost.