Inventory Item Orders Tab


Lists Client and Shop Orders for this item with the following exception: if the Location Id of the item equals the Order Id, this Order will not appear on the list. This situation would occur if your firm creates a Location Id equal to the Shop Order number for an item being manufactured.


5 items ordered by Gizmo productions, inc.


Used to track order information.

Important Fields:

Note: this Help Topic lists the standard configuration of all fields that may be included in this record. Note that all fields on this screen are display-only.

Order Id:
The Client or Shop Order Id.

Date: The Date Ordered.

The Project (if any) with which this Shop Order is associated.

For Client Orders, the Client Site Name. For Shop Orders, the Job Name.

The quantity ordered.

To Pick:
The quantity to be picked to fill this order.

Shop BckOrd  Cust BckOrd
The quantity currently backordered.

The quantity shipped.

The quantity still due on this order (Ordered - Shipped).

Date Promised
The Date Promised (Client Order) or Required (Shop Order).