Inventory Item Pricing Tab


In addition to the five pricing levels in the Price/Costing parent tab, this tab allows additional Price Codes to be assigned that override / customize pricing levels by client site. This functionality is applicable to pricing inventory for Job Invoicing (for Inventory Items marked as Use Unit Pricing), Client Order Processing and Quote Master. Price codes are referenced in the Inventory Item Pricing tab and in the Client Site record. For each price code that you enter in the Pricing tab, you can enter up to 5 prices.

Price Levels / Price Codes
The parent Inventory Item allows for 9 levels of Material Pricing, but Price Codes only allow for 5. If price codes are in effect, and the default price level from the Client Site is greater than 5, the system now defaults price level 1 from the Price Code. A registry entry Price Code Handling (sys-ffv-global-settings) is available to always default the value from the Price Code level 1, regardless of the Material Price Level in the Client Site.


The prices to be used for each Price Codes are entered in the Inventory Item Pricing tab. The price code is also entered in the Client Site Record. For COP orders, and for Work Order Inventory items, the system will read the Client Site Record for a Price Code first. The system then looks in the Inventory Item to see if there is an identical Price Code in the Inventory Item Pricing tab. If there is a code, the COP module will insert the pricing level from this code, based on the Price Level (1-5) defaulted in the Client Site ID and use this for pricing on the invoice. For COP Invoices, it will also use the Item Description in the Pricing tab, and use that on the COP Invoice, rather than the inventory name from the Inventory Record. If there is no Price code in either record, it will use the Price Levels in the Inventory Item ID instead, if there are fields to be used for pricing.


Implement as needed for custom pricing at the Client Site or Job level.

Foreign Currency Note:
Prices for Price Codes used by foreign customers must be in terms of the customer’s currency.

Important: Be sure to correctly specify the Price Code in the Client Site record. This field provides the default price codes for Job and COP invoices.

Important Fields:

Note: this Help Topic lists the standard configuration of all fields that may be included in this record.

Price Code:
The Price Code with which the Unit Prices in this section are associated.

Price Code Description:
This display only field defaults from the Price Code record.

Unit Price (1-5):
The Unit Prices to be used with this price code. These Unit Prices will default on Client and Work Orders if the Client Site requesting this item references this price code.

Item Description:
The system sets the work order inventory description using the Price Code (if the description is completed) and the Inventory Price Exceptions tables (shown on the Inventory Item Pricing tab).  The following registry entry enables you to only include the Inventory Description on service compute invoices – it is designed for companies that do not want the internal part name to appear on customer invoices. Note that the Description defaults from the Inventory Name if there is no Price Code or the description in the Price Code is blank.
Id:    sys-report-serviceinvoice
Contents:    ShowOnlyInvntryDesc=Yes

Bill Type Id:
Should be set to unit price.