Inventory Item Purchases Tab


Specifies the vendor(s) from which this item was purchased. The most recent purchase appears at the top of the list. All fields are maintained by the system as PO's are released, changed and cancelled, and as items are received in the Inventory Receipt Journal. To view the inventory history for a particular line, simply double-click on that line.

If an item was received to a location other than the PO default, the Job On Hand will still display as 0 – however, if you double click on the line, the Purchasing and Inventory Receipts detail will be displayed.

If the Inventory Item Miscellaneous box is checked, purchase history of this item is limited to only Open purchases (items on order.).

Important Fields: Initial Screen

Vendor Id -  Name -  Order# Promised (date) - Ordered Location
On Hand - In Test-  Due - Cost
- On Hand - Job
These display only fields are maintained by the system. Note that the Cost represents the highest cost recorded in Inventory History for this Item for the specified PO.

Double-click on a line to drill down to inventory detail.

Important Fields: Detail Screen

Source Jrnl Effective Date Location Ordered  On Hand  On Hand-Job
In Test  Rejected Status 
Serial/Lot#  Vendor Serial #

This view displays the purchasing and receipt detail for this PO. Note that you must click another tab and then the Purchases tab again to return from the PO Detail view.