Invoice Master Viewer

The records in this viewer should NEVER be altered without the explicit instructions of Data-Basics Support.

Clearing the Unknown Status
The user may clear the 'Unknown' Status condition using the Invoice Master viewer's Record > Clear Unknown menu option to Full users with access to the Invoice Master record. Doing so will clear the Invoice Id from Job History, set the Invoice Master Status to Computed making it eligible to be reused, and set the Effective Date to 1900-01-01.

Usage restrictions are as follows ...

1. Status = Unknown

2. Entry Type = Sales

3. Can't have any prior AR activity.

4. Must be Full or Special User with ability to Access/Change Invoice Master Record (this functionality was previously restricted to users running in development mode).

Note On Compute Service Invoice

When Compute Service Invoice is run, the Invoice Master Status is now set to 'Computed' when gracefully rolling back a cancelled invoice run (where the user did not confirm that the invoices had printed successfully). Previously, the Service Invoice code set the Invoice Master Status to 'Unknown' for both normal and abnormal termination of the process. Immediately following an abnormal termination the Status will be the #UserId temporary marker.  Next time the same User processes ANY service invoices, the Status will be changed from the temporary marker to 'Unknown'.

AR Invoice Id:
Invoice Amount: Sales Tab Total:  Currency Id:
These fields are maintained by the system when the Invoice is generated using one of the many methods available (COP, Job, Service, etc.).

Effective Date:
The Effective Date of the Invoice. In Version 9.0 and below, this field was revised if the Invoice was reversed so that it falls within the reversal Accounting Period.  In Version 9.1, the reversal function retains the Effective Date, but writes the reversal's Effective Date to the Invoice Reversed field.

 Invoice Date: Due Date: Discount Date
The Invoice Date, Due Date and Discount Date recorded when the invoice was generated.

Job Id:  
This field will be completed for Job and Service Invoices.

Order Id:
This field will be completed for Client Order Invoices (COP).

Workorder Id:
This field will be completed for Service Invoices.

The Customer's PO number. This field supports the Customer's PO# for Service Compute and Progress Jobs.

Invoice Reversed:

Period Id:   Effective Date: Description:
These fields allow an invoice to be reversed without changing the original Effective Date of the invoice. These fields will be updated when Reverse Job Invoice is run.