Job Billing Address


This record enables you to assign a billing address to Job records.


This record replaces the function of the obsolete Client Site Billing Address. During data conversion, Job Billing Address records will be created using the information in the corresponding Client Site Billing Address record.

Work Order Override:
If a Billing Address Id is specified in the Work Order, that record will override both the Job Billing Address Id and the Invoice Address/Invoice Email Address in the Job record when Service Invoices are Printed/Emailed. Updated versions of the Service Invoice and Service Billing Worksheet must be installed to implement this functionality.

Referenced by: Job Viewer, Billing Worksheet Report, Invoicing Report.

The appropriate versions of the Billing Worksheet and Invoicing reports use the Billing Address record (referenced in the Job record) to generate the invoicing address. If the Billing Address Id field (in the Job Record) is blank, the address in the Invoice Address in the Job record will be used.

If you had Installation, Service, and Maintenance Jobs for a particular Site that were each billed to different departments, you could create three different Job Billing records: I1005, S1005 and M1005. Each time you created a new Job for the Site, you could easily and consistently assign the correct Billing Address.

If your firm services equipment that is under warranty coverage, create a Job Billing Address Id for the warranty coverage billings for the manufacturer.

Important Fields:

Billing Address Id:
This field is required, and must be unique.

Billing Address Description:
Briefly describes this record (optional).

Email Address:
The primary e-mail address associated with this record; this is used for reporting purposes.

Invoice Email Address:
This field is used in conjunction with the auto-emailing of service invoices. If this functionality is implemented on your system, and Billing Address records are used, this Email Invoices field in the Billing Address record should always be completed. You may wish to contact your support representative for the settings required to make this field required.

Support: To make the Email Invoice Field in the Job Billing Address Record required:

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vjbbllngaddrss

7.2 - Setting Key: requiredFieldsParent Setting Value: jbbllngaddrss.eml-invce

7.1 – Additional Contents: : requiredFieldsParent=jbbllngaddrss.eml-invce

Billing Address:

Name on Invoice:
The company/division that invoices should be directed to.

Attention Line:
Use this field to direct your invoices to the correct department (e.g., Warranty Services).

Street Address: City: State: ZIP:
The address to which invoices will be sent.