Job Commissions Tab

The Commissions tab enables you to attach one or more Sales Reps to that job for informational and reporting purposes.

Important Fields:

Sales Rep:
Enter a valid Sales Rep Id (or double-click to select from a list). You may create as many lines as needed to accommodate all Sales Rep's due a share of the commissions for this job.

Share %
The share (entered as a percent) of the commission due this Sales Rep. If only one Sales Rep is attached to this Job, set the Share% to 100. If more than one Sales Rep is attached to this Job, the total of the Share% for all Sales Reps should equal 100.

Commission %
For User/Access reporting purposes, the percent applied to the sales rep's share of the job. Contact your Data-Basics' support representative for more information on commission reporting.

Start Date End Date
These new fields may be used define the date ranges that the share / commission is valid. The introduction of these new fields has made the test that requires the sum of the individual Share% values to equal 100% obsolete. This validation is no longer required.