Job Source Viewer

The Job Source viewer enables you to create, maintain or select the records used to define how a Job was secured.

Typically, job sources are used to identify the source of advertising (newspaper ad, yellow pages) that generated the job. By specifying a job source in your job records, you can track the effect of your advertising and promotional activities.

Optional but recommended in the Job record for tracking advertising/marketing effectiveness. A similar field, Market Source, is used to track how a customer found your company.

Referenced in Records: Job.

Important Fields:
Note: this Help Topic lists the standard configuration of all fields which may be included in this record. If you are using a customized system, the fields displayed on your screen may not exactly match the order or status (required, optional, default, display-only, hidden, etc.) of the fields described in this Topic.

Job Source Id: (10 character, only . and - special characters)
Uniquely identifies the job source. This field is required.

Job Source Name: (40 character)
A brief description of the job source. This field is optional but highly recommended.

Security Id:
If multiple location security is implemented on your centralized database system, this informational field displays the Security Id of the local user that created this record. If multiple location security is not implemented on your system, or if this record was created by a global user, this field will be blank.

Include a market source record for customer referrals to track your word-of-mouth advertising.