KPI Definition


KPI (Key Performance Indicator) records are used to define the individual Analytics in the DB Analytics Dashboard. See DB Analytics Overview for additional information.

KPI records will be provided by Data-Basics; contact your support representative for additional information. In most cases, users should NEVER change KPI Definition records.


The successful evaluation of KPI’s for the DB Analytics Dashboard depends upon the correct setting of the Category field your GL Account Type records. See GL Account Type Viewer for details.

GL Reporting Periods (see GL Reporting Period ) should be created through the end of the current and following year.

The Start KPI Definition Import function should be used to import the KPIs (stored as .obj files) into your database. During the import, each true analytic (Generic Charts/Tables) will have a User Defined Function created for it so that they can be assigned to the appropriate User Groups and Functions record. When KPI’s are initially imported, they will only be available to User Group All; access rights to other User Groups should be made as needed.

See KPI Definition Documentation for technical details on authoring KPI's.