Lab Test Profile (Test Methods List) Viewer


Used to create and maintain lists of lab tests that must be run when an item flagged as Quality Control is received.


Referenced by Records: Inventory Item.

This record is also used to generate the initial list of lab tests on a Lot Master. Recall that a Lot Master record is created by the system whenever a serialized or lot controlled inventory with a new serial/lot control number is received in the PO Receipts Journal or created via the Inventory Management Journal. When a Quality Controlled item is received, it is not immediately listed as On Hand in inventory, but instead is listed as In Test. Items that are In Test may not be allocated to client or shop orders. The Lot Master enables you to log the your Quality Control results, and then mark the Lot (or Serialized Item) as Accepted, Special or Reject.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Note: this Help Topic lists the standard configuration of all fields that may be included in this record. If you are using a customized system, the fields displayed on your screen may not exactly match the order or status (required, optional, default, display-only, hidden, etc.) of the fields described in this Topic.

This viewer is divided into two sections. The upper section lists the Test Method Id that defines this list of tests. The lower section is used to specify the individual lab tests that should be run.

Test Method Id:(8 character, only . and - special characters)
This required field uniquely identifies the list of lab tests.

Test Method Name: (30 characters)
Briefly describes this list of records; optional but recommended.

Test Method Description (60 characters x 4)
This field provides a more complete description of the test, or notes on its implementation.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Lab Test Description Id:
Enter a valid Lab Test Id or double-click on this field to select from a list.

Test Specification (40 character)
The required specification for this test. For example, > 98.5%, 0.30% MAX, etc.

Test Method (8 character)
This field should be completed if more than one test method could be used and you wish to specify a particular methodology.

Test Comment (30 character)
Additional comments on the test, method or specification needed for clarity.

The purpose of this field is to indicate whether or not the results of this test will display on the CofA (Certificate of Analysis) when it is printed. It is used for provide the default value of the corresponding field in the Lot Master Viewer. Results will only be printed if this field is flagged.