Logging On the Software


Select a data source (database) and start Data-Basics' Windows' software.


Required to start the application.

Important Fields:

To move the cursor from one field to the next, press the Tab or Enter key or click on the field you wish to select. The Backspace key deletes typing errors.

Data Source:
If you are running a Sybase 7 database, enter the name of the data source of your database. Typically, this will be the same as the name of your database you.

DataBase Id:
If you are running under Sybase 5, enter the name of the database that you wish to access if this field has not been completed for you. Do not include the extension .db as part of the Id (e.g., enter mydata rather than mydata.db). If you leave this field blank, the system will look for a database named "db".

DB Engine
If you are running under Sybase 5, enter the name of the database engine that you wish to use unless this field has been completed for you. Unless Data-Basics has specifically informed you about using this field, simply leave it blank. The system will look for an engine named "dbasics" if a value has not been entered.

User Id:
To access your company's database, enter your personal user Id. To access the tutorial database, type new.

To access your company's database, enter your personal password. To access the tutorial database, type user. Your keyboard entry in the Password field does not display on the screen for security reasons. If you think you have made an error entering your password, press Ctrl+Delete to delete the entire contents of the Password field.

Important Buttons:

After entering completing the above fields, click on the Log In button to start the application (or press Spacebar when the caret is located on this button).

To exit without starting the application, click on the Cancel button (or position the cursor on the Cancel button with the Tab or Enter key, and then press the Spacebar).

TIP: Error Message
If you enter your User ID or Password incorrectly, and then click the Log In button, the system will display the message "User ID and/or Password is invalid." If this occurs, click on the OK button in the message box, and then carefully re-enter your user ID and password. If you continue to experience difficulties, exit the Login screen, confirm your exact User ID and Password, and try again.

TIP: Default Database / DataSource
The Data-Basics' Registry may be used to default in the Datasource for you. For details on doing so, click on Default Database Registry Entry.