Magnetic Media State Unemployment Reporting


The report RSTTEUE.rpt is available to satisfy state unemployment electronic reporting. Reporting for the states of Kansas and Texas is currently supported.


In all applicable SUTA Tax Authority Records:

- The Employer Id field must be set to your State EIN

- The Tax Type Id must be set to ‘SUTA’

- The State field must be set to the SUTA state

Be sure that the Registry Entries referenced below are correctly configured.

Registry Entries:

The following registry entries must be completed before running this report:

Registry Entry Magnetic Media State Unemployment Report

Registry Entry State Unemployment Electronic Report


1.Verify that an up-to-date version of RSTTEUE.rpt has been installed in your database.

2. This report must be run for the specified year, state and quarter. Unless you are only running this for a specific employee, the Employee range should remain blank.

2. When the report appears in the report viewer, Click Save to Disk.

3. A Windows save file box will appear: You must select Save As Text File, and provide a name as per your state’s specifications (do not specify an extension, this will be done for you). Remember where you saved the file!

4. Upload your file as specified by the state. Our file uses the MMREF-1 format.