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This record defines recipients of alarms or notifications. The Notify record may refer to a specific individual (e.g., a dispatcher) or reference the e-mail address in the Client, Client Site, Technician or Vendor record.


This record is referenced by the Escalation Profile and the Scheduled Event manager.

Important Fields:

Notification Category Id:
Uniquely defines this record.

Briefly describes this record.

Method: Email  Fax  Pager    AlarmBoard
Select the method to be used for this notification category; in most cases this will be Email.

The TechAnywhere option should only be selected if 

None – Client – Client Site – Technician – Vendor – Dispatcher
Account Manager – Service Manager – Sales Rep  –  Web User - Work Order
This field describes the source of the notification address.

For example, if the Method Email is selected and the Source Client Site is selected, using this notification category generates an Email to the Email address in the Client Site record. If the source is Technician and the Method is Email, the Notification will be sent to the Technician's Email Address.  

The Email address will be derived from the Contact record associated with the applicable Service Manager, Sales Rep and Dispatcher records. Changing the Service Manager in the Work Order at a later date, for example, will not change the e-mail address of previously generated scheduled events.

When a Notification Category is set to Account Manager, the Work Order's Account Manager's Contact Record Email Address is used to derive the 'email to' of the scheduled event. Note that if the Account Manager is cleared in New Call the selected Site's Account Manager Contact will continue to be used for Account Manager Notifications and Alarms.

If the Source 'Work Order' is selected, the Work Order's Email Address field will be used when generating Email Notifications/Alarms.

For Technician notifications, if the No Escalation field is flagged in the Technician record, scheduled events will not be generated be generated for that Technician when he is added to the work order. Typically this would be implemented for Billing Clerks and other internal personnel assigned to a work order.

SAMPro supports the ability to trigger web log escalation events based on the web log being set to duplicate or cancelled. The executed event may also be set to notify the requester (Web User) by creating a Notification Category with the Source set to Web User.  This Notification Category could then be referenced in an Escalation Profile for Web Logs so that appropriate notifications are sent to the Web User's Email address.

Email Address:
This field should be completed if Source None is selected. Notifications for this category will be sent to this address. If you wish to send the notification to more than one individual, you may specify an Email Group or include multiple email addresses (comma or semi-colon delimited) in the email address field.

Email From:
The return address to appear in emails generated by this notification category. This must be a valid address on your email server.

Notification Category User1: Notification Category User2:
These fields may be used for reporting purposes.

By default, this field not checked. If it is checked, the record is considered Obsolete.

Note that although validation logic denies direct entry of obsolete record Ids, the Escalation Manager will continue to use obsolete Notification Catetories if they are in Escalation Profiles if they are attached to work orders / web logs.

When you check the Obsolete field, the following message box will be displayed:

"You have elected to obsolete this record. Would you like to see existing references to this record?"

If you click Yes, the system will display a viewer that provides click-through access to all tables referencing this record. It is strongly recommended that you edit active Escalation Profiles to replace Obsolete Notification Categories.

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