Opportunity Viewer


Opportunity records are used to track and manage sales opportunities in SAMPro back office and CRMAnywhere for current or potential customers. They may be used as a starting point for creating Quotes in CRMAnywhere or SAMPro.

Opportunities reference Milestones and Activities (meetings, calls, anything that should be a calendar event) on the child tabs. Activities may be synced with a Calendar.  Currently, the Sales Rep's Google Calendar is supported via their Gmail account.


Note that Opportunities can be assigned to Sales Reps but Contacts can’t; Contacts may have multiple sales lead opportunities in different areas,which can be assigned to multiple Sales Reps. One Contact can have as many Opportunities as you like.


Registry Opportunity Viewer (for Add Site)

User Record Registry CRM - Gmail Calender

Important Fields:

Main Tab:

Contact Id: Group Id:
The Contract Id is required.  Each Opportunity must be associated with a Contact. The display-only Group Id defaults from the Contact record.

Phone: Cell Phone: Fax Phone: Email:
These display-only fields default from the Contact record.

Site Id:
If this opportunity is for an existing Site, it may be entered in this field. If the Site does not yet exist, the Add Site button may be used to create it. Opportunities do not need to have a Site until a Quote is needed.

Summary Description:
A brief (80 character) description of this Opportunity. This field appears on the Opportunity list screens and is highly recommended.

Opportunity Type
This text field may be used to categorize this opportunity (e.g., Solar, Plumbing, Heating, etc.).

Estimated Value:
The best estimate of the dollar value of this Opportunity.

The probability (as a percentage) of winning this business.

The Status of this Opportunity. This text field allows meaningful statuses to be used by your company.

Status Date:
This field is automatically set to today's date when the Status field is changed.

Date Opened:
This field is set to today's date when the Opportunity is created.

Date Closed:
This date should be set when the Opportunity is completed successfully or work is declined.

Contact Type Id:
This optional field defaults from the Contact record but may be changed by the user if needed.

Once you are at a point to Quote your potential Client, you can either select an existing Site, or click the Add Site button. Fill in the template, being sure to name your new Site, and click Add. This new Client Site will be created with a status of Mail-List Only, and is not an active Site until the Quote is accepted and the back office activates the Client Site.

Once you have a Site on the Opportunity record and are ready to create a Quote for them, click the Add Quote button. The Quote Manager will be launched with the Site, Sales Rep and Opportunity fields pre-loaded from this record.

Description Tab:

Extended Description:
This 5000 character field may be used for a more extensive description. It will be displayed on the Quote's Opportunity tab.

User Fields Tab:

Opportunity User 1-20:
These field may be used to record information important to your company.

Lower Section:

Milestones Tab:

This tab allows appropriate Milestones to be set for this opportunity. The Milestones will be created by your company, but some typical examples for Opportunity use could be:  Pre-Sales, Initial Customer Meeting, Create Quote, Submit Quote, Close Sale.

Milestone Id:
Enter a Milestone Id or double-click to select from a list.

Start Date: End Date:
The Starting and Ending dates for this Milestone.

A brief description of this Milestone; defaults from the Milestone record but may be changed by the user.

Milestone Description:
This display only field shows the Description in the Milestone record.

Check this field (by double-clicking on it) if this Milestone has been completed.


Activities Tab:

Activities are events such as meetings, site visits, and phone calls that can be tracked on a Calendar. Click the Magnify button to view add fields.

Date:  Time:
When the Activity is scheduled to start.

End Date:  End Time:
When the Activity is scheduled to end.

The type of Activity - call, email, visit, etc.

Defines the level of importance.  Your firm may use text (High, Low) or a numeric value to specify the priority.

Describes the current status of this Activity (To Do, In Process, etc.).

Status Date:

Check this box if this Activity has been completed.

Send to Calendar?
Check this box if this Activity should be sent to the Sales Rep's calendar.

Summary Description:
Briefly describes this Activity.

Calendar Title:
This text will appear on the Calendar.

A more detailed description of what this Activity is regarding.


Contacts Tab

This tab enables multiple Contacts to be associated with an Opportunity. This tab is currently use for informational and custom report purposes only.

Contact Id:
Enter a valid Contact Id (or double-click to select from a list). You may create as may lines as needed to accommodate all contacts. The display-only Name, Firm, Email and Phone number fields will default from the Contact record.

Contact Type Id:
This optional field defaults from the Contact record but may be changed by the user if needed.


Quotes Tab

Displays the Quotes this Opportunity is associated with.  Double-click on a line to access the Quote.