PCR Overview: Problem, Cause, Remedy


The purpose of the new Problem, Cause, Remedy functionality is to enforce consistency between the Problem reported (the Work Code), the Cause of the problem (the new Cause Code), and the Remedy (the Resolution Code). This consistency is enabled via the new PCR Table which defines which Causes may be selected for each Work Code (Problem), as well as which Remedy (Resolution) Code may be selected for each Cause Code.


A PCR Table may be specified in the Client Site Equipment record.  In SAM Pro, if a PCR table is referenced, Work Codes are validated in:

1. New Call
2. Work Order
3. Dispatch Board
4. Client Site Equipment (PM Schedule tab)

SAM Pro validates that Cause Codes are associated with the PCR table Work Code in:
1. PCR Table
2. Work Order

The system validates that the Resolution Code is associated with the PCR Cause Code in the Work Order.

TechAnywhere also supports the PCR validations.

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