PM WO Grouping

SAMPro uses a grouping order to determine whether or not PM Schedule lines will be combined on a single PM Work Order. By default, generating PMs combines Equipment onto WOs when the following list of values are matched up:

Site ID

Date Scheduled

Job Cost Code

Job Billing Item

Escalation Profile


Account Manager (from site)

Dispatcher (from site)

Sales Rep (from site)

Service Account Manager

Master Contract Number

Work Code (unless overridden by registry option IgnoreCase3242 in sys-start-scrtepmwo.)

The default grouping order for PM Work Order generation is listed above. This grouping order may be overridden by the orderby registry option in sys-start-scrtepmwo.

All of above unless overridden by registry option singleequipmentperwo in sys-start-scrtepmwo. .