PTO Hours Available: Checks vs. Reports

If the checks print with different balances for "PTO Hours Available" than what prints as Ending Balance on the following reports:

Employee Paid Time off Report
Employee Paid Time off Usage Report
Accrued Paid Time off Report

Check for:  multiple UNPOSTED CHECKS in PR History with PTO accruals.

Checks ignore all UNPOSTED CHECKS except for current check being processed, whereas the reports will include all UNPOSTED CHECKS with PTO accruals on the report. 

Note: when a beginning date is entered (e.g. current calendar year), then any UNPOSTED CHECKS with PTO accruals will print in the 'starting balance' column.

NOTE:  All PTO PR JOURNAL "ADJUSTMENTS" should be done using a unique pay period id !!  If user posts a PR ADJUSTMENT using the same pay period id as used in labor journal, system will NOT cut a check for that pay period.   Users can create "ADJUSTMENTS" to PTO, by entering +/- hours directly into the Employee Viewers PTO tab or use PR JOURNAL, hours tab.

Also See: Employee Paid Time Off Tab