Payroll Adjustment Journal Earnings Tab


Enter adjustments or beginning balances pertaining to fringe benefits.


The system does not use information entered on this tab to calculate the Earnings Entered field on the main screen; the Hours tab is used for this purpose.

Important Fields:

Earnings Id:
Enter a valid Earnings Id (or double-click to select from a list).

Pay Type Id:
Enter a valid pay type or double click on this field to select from a list.

The hours worked to be applied to fringe benefits.

Pay Rate:  RF:
The Pay Rate and Rate factor (e.g., 1.0 for straight time, 1.5 for time and a half, etc.).

The dollar amount of earnings for the selected Pay Type Id:

Hours X Pay Rate x Rate Factor

Earning Group Id:
If this entry is for Union Payroll, enter the appropriate Earnings Group Id.

Fringe Earnings:
Union Payroll only. The dollar amount of earnings used to calculate the fringe benefit.

Fringe Rate:
Union Payroll only. The rate at which the fringe is calculated.

The dollar amount of the fringe.

ACA -  Employer Sponsored Health Coverage:
This field is used to record the dollar amounts for each employee so that will appear on the Employee's W-2.

1. If necessary, create the appropriate Earnings record for this fringe, and enter 12:DD into the W-2 Category field.

2. Create a PR Adjustment entry for each employee; enter the appropriate Fringe amount on the Earnings tab.  The GL transactions would already have been made; the PR Adjustment entry gets it on the W-2. 

May be used to describe this entry.

When completed by the user, the value will be posted to payroll history for reporting purposes.