Payroll Adjustment Journal Hours Tab


Enter an adjustment to hours, enter beginning balances, or record hours for a manual paycheck.


The system uses information entered on this tab to calculate the Earnings Entered field on the main screen, and to calculate Net Pay. Note that the ERN (Earnings) tab should be used to record Earnings required for fringe benefits calculations.

Important Fields:

Work Date:
The date that the hours were worked, or the effective date the hours are to be applied to. Enter this date in mmddyyyy format or double-click on this field to access the calendar.

Pay Type Id:
Enter a valid pay type or double click on this field to select from a list.

Hours Work:
The hours worked (if this entry is being made to record a manual paycheck).

Pay Rate: Rate:
The Pay Rate and Rate factor. Note that these fields are not used to calculate the Earnings field.

The dollar amount of earnings for the selected Pay Type Id.

Hours Accrued:
For adjustment entries only.

Earnings Accrued:
For adjustment entries only.

To facilitate the loading of beginning balances, the Payroll Journal has been modified to allow entry of the Accrued Percent.  Values entered into this new field are posted to the corresponding field in the PRH Hours table.

This optional field may be used to briefly describe this line.