Payroll History Viewer


This screen is accessed from the Checks tab of the Employee Viewer.


This screen should only be accessed to view check details; fields should not be changed from this screen.

Important Fields:

Payroll History has tabs for HOURS, EARNINGS, DEDUCTIONS, TAXES, OTHER, GL, WORKERS COMP, any ERRORS from Compute P/R, and JOB COST which can be useful to view when making a Payroll Adjustment.

Note: The JOB COST tab is NOT what is stored in JOB COST HISTORY but what is in PAYROLL JOB COST.  This tab does NOT contain any Earnings types of WAGE or N/A (such as Burden).  This tab collects certain PR-to-JCH
expenses depending upon set-up options and may be NOT contain any information depending upon your companies specific set up criteria/model. If you are accruing Estimated Taxes and/or Fringes, this tab may be empty.   This tab may collect summarized or detail information based on the following settings:

Employer-paid Taxes (from certain Tax Authorities where Job Cost option is checked)

Workers Comp insurance (from WC State records where Job Cost option is checked)

Union fringe benefits (from Earnings types set as Fringe & Job Cost PR Check option is checked )

Liability Insurance Expense (from custom Registry option sys-insurance)