Powerboard Button


When you push the Powerboard button, a summary of work orders assigned to each technician (as well as unassigned) work orders appears. Only those work orders that fit the current Status Filter and Date Range criteria will be included in this summary. This summarized information is displayed in the following columns:

Upper Section (Summary)

Tech ID  The technician's ID
Client Site  The Client Site Alpha Id for the active work order (on site or travel unless overridden via registry)
Code   The work code
Status   The status of the current work order; INACTIVE will appear in this column if the Technician record has been flagged as Inactive
Hours   The total hours assigned for this date range
Calls   The total number of calls assigned for this date range
WrkOrdr  The ID number of the current work order (by the selected sort order)
Zone   The zone of the work order
Tech Phone #: Tech Pager #: The Primary Phone and Pager fields from the Technician record.

Lower Section (Work Order List)

The lower section displays the Work Order List (unless the Time Chart button has been clicked). If more than one technician is assigned to a work order, or a technician is assigned to a work order for more than one day, a separate line will appear on the Work Order List for each technician/date scheduled.

Changing the Dispatch Column Order
To adjust the order in which the work order list appears, select a column (in the work order list, not the title) and drag and drop it in the desired location in the work order list.