Prevailing Wage Schedule


The Prevailing Wage Schedule (P.W. Schedule record) may be used instead of the Job's Prevailing Wage tab to define a Job's Prevailing Wage structure. In this way, when a particular Prevailing Wage Schedule changes, it is only necessary to change the Prevailing Wage Schedule instead of changing the Prevailing Wage Tab in each Job record that it impacts.


This feature is ONLY supported if the following registry is enabled:

Id: sys-ffv-global-settings

Setting Key:  LaborRatesAndAccrualMethod   Setting Value: 7687

If a P.W. Schedule Id is specified on the Job's Main or Financial Tab, the Prevailing Wage Type must be set to Labor Rate for the prevailing wage functionality to be enabled.

If both the P.W. Schedule Id field and the Prevailing Wages Tab are completed on a Job, the P.W. Schedule will have precedence.

Important Fields: Upper Section

P.W. Schedule Id:
A unique Id for this table. This field is required.

P.W. Schedule Name:
A brief description of this table. This field is optional.

P.W. Schedule User 1-2:
These fields may be used for informational and reporting purposes

If this field is checked, the record is considered Obsolete, and it may not be directly specified during data-entry (either by entering the Id or selecting it from a list). Obsoleted records can be edited and the Obsolete option cleared when necessary.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Wages Tab

Start: Date:
These fields default the effective (work) date range the prevailing wage is in effect for.

Labor Rate Id:
All Labor Rates that would be impacted by this job’s prevailing wage functionality should be listed on this tab.

Overtime / Doubletime Pay Rates:
The Pay rate multiplier DOES NOT affect the Prevailing Wage Package Amount. Regular, overtime and any other pays must be all accommodated for each Labor Rate specified.

Base Rate:
This field should be used to enter the base wage rate for this Prevailing Wage. The system will sum the Fringe Rate and the Base Rate when determining whether to use the Prevailing Wage during Compute Payroll.

Standard Calculation:

Example 1: Employee’s Regular Wages + Fringes Exceed P.W. Base + Fringes Amount

Base Rate: $25.00 / hour
Fringe Rate: $0.00
Wage Earnings: $24.00 / hour
Fringe 1: $2.50 / hour
Fringe 2: $1.50 / hour

Since the Employee’s regular Wages + Fringes total $28.00 / hours (greater than the prevailing wage Base + Fringe of $25.00/ hour), they will be used for payroll calculations for this Prevailing Wage job.

Standard Calculation
Example 2: Job Base Rate + Fringes Amount Exceeds Employee’s Regular Wages + Fringes

Base Rate: $40.00 / hour
Fringe Rage: $5.00 / hour
Wage Earnings: $27.00 / hour
Fringe: $1.00 / hour

Since the Employee’s regular Wages + Fringes total $28.00 / hours, the Prevailing Wage methodology will come into effect since the Base Rate + Fringe Rate = 45.00 / hour. The system calculates the Employee’s Wages as follows:

Wage Earnings Calculated Under Prevailing Wage: $44.00 / hour
Fringe: $1.00 / hour

Note that the Employee’s Wages + Fringes package now equals $45 / hour, the Prevailing Wage Job Package rate. The increased difference is added to the Employee wage.

Fringe Rate:
This field enables you to separate Fringes from the Base Rate for prevailing wages. The system will sum the Fringe Rate and the Base Rate when determining whether to use the Prevailing Wage during Compute Payroll.

Note: Excluding Fringes from Workers Compensation
Workers comp 'wages' typically should not include any amounts related to prevailing wage fringes. The Exclude Fringes field in the appropriate Workers Comp State should be flagged to exclude these fringes from workers compensation calculation.

Certified PR Report Label:
The Certified Payroll report has been enhanced so that it uses this field (if completed) instead of the Labor Rate Description. If this field is blank, the Labor Rate Description will be used.