Project Manager Workbench Subcontract POs Tab


This tab lists the Subcontract information on the Purchase Orders associated with this Job.


See Project Manager Workbench for details on this viewer’s upper tabs.

Important Fields:

PO Id – Vendor – Description – Orig Amount - %Earned - $Earned – CO Amount – Approved – Start - End

To edit selected fields for the PO, right click on the line. When you do so, a data-entry box will appear prompting you to ‘Enter new values’. The following fields will appear:

PO Id: - Vendor Name: - Description:
Original Amount: Change Order Amount: Total Contract:
These display-only fields are provided for your information; changes must be made directly in the purchase order.

Percent Earned:  Earned Amount:
If work is progressing on this line, enter either the total Percent or the Amount Earned (to date) and the system will calculate the other. These fields (along with the Retainage and previously vouchered amount) control the dollar amount that may be paid to the subcontractor/vendor.

Validation prevents the amount earned from being reduced below the threshold of what have already been vouchered in A/P.

Retainage %
The percent retainage to be withheld for this line (if any).

Click OK to confirm the changes that you have made in this box; click CANCEL to abandon these changes. The changes made here will be reflected in the purchase order.