Project Managers Workbench Other Workorders Tab


This tab lists all work orders created for this Job that have a Work Order Status Category that is not set to Open (e.g., Completed, Billed, Ok to Invoice, etc.). You may double-click on a line to open the corresponding Work Order.

One line will be displayed for each Work Order, showing the following:

Workorder Id, Status
Job Cost Code Id, Job Billing Item Id, Work Code ID (from WO header)
Tech ID (the Primary Technician – first one listed on the Technician tab)
Date Opened (the date the WO was created)
Last Date Worked (from WO Labor tab)
Est Hours (summed from Tech Tab)
Actual Hours to date (from Labor entered)
Work Requested (from WO header)


The default definition for an 'other' work order is one with wrkordr_stts_ctgry <> 'Open'.  The default can be overridden by registry entry using the setting key 'WorkOrderWhereClauseOther'.