Quick Attach Document Management


QuickAttach lets the user select and archive a file to the existing record they are editing or a new record that has not yet been added (e.g., attaching a previously scanned vendor invoice to an AP entry that you are creating). In addition, QuickAttach bypasses several of the steps required by the Attachment button when it is used to attach a file.

Quick Attached documents also reference the appropriate records referenced in a Journal's child tabs. For example, if a document is Quick Attached to an Inventory Adjustment Journal entry, the Document record will reference the Inventory Adjustment Journal as well as any Jobs and Work Orders specified.


See Registry Quick Attach for the registry entries needed to implement this feature and to include document references to additional records.


The Quick Attach button appears on all viewer sidebars. If QuickAttach is not enabled for the viewer via registry, the system will warn you that QuickAttach is disabled for this function. If QuickAttach is enabled for this viewer, pressing the button opens a browser with the directory to the QuickAttachOpenPath (defined via registry), and then shows all files in that directory.

The user will be warned if the Quick Attach Save path does not exists, and will not be allowed to continue. If the Quick Attach New path does not exist, the browser windows will be opened to the SAMPro root directory, and the user will be allowed to continue.

The user should then select the correct file and click Open. Once you select a file Windows will open the appropriate viewer (e.g., MS Paint, or the Adobe Reader). Simply close this as usual when you have verified that it is the correct file.

At this point, SAMPro’s Select Options for Attaching a Document prompter window appears. The Category and Description fields will default from the applicable registry settings, but may be changed by the user.

Pressing OK on the Prompter Window

- Attaches the file by creating a new document record that references the existing record immediately or the new record when it is created

- AND deletes the attached file from the QuickAttachOpenPath directory

Pressing Cancel

- Simply clears the cache: the file is not deleted from the QuickAttachOpenPath directory, and is also not attached to the record.

When multiple files have been selected the user will be prompted:

NOTICE: The following files are pending attachment to this record.
Click 'Yes' to keep these pending files for attachment, and add a new one.
Click 'No' to clear this pending list, and just add a new one.

Quick Attaching to Journal Entries:

Quick Attach documents may be attached to 'locked' journal entries (both the Add and Save button disabled). QA documents are attached immediately when the record is NOT in Add mode.

Quick Attach supports multiple workorders/jobs in journal entries. For example, when using QA in the labor journal, the document will be attached to the employee, the journal, the pay period, and ALL Work Order/Jobs referenced in the labor journal entry. See Registry Quick Attach for the registry entries needed to include document references to additional records.

AR Cash Receipts: Quick Attachments also attach to the WorkOrder (via the Service Invoice) per detail line.

Inventory Receipt Journal: Quick Attachments also attach to the Job and Work Order per detail line

Inventory Adjustment Journal - Quick Attachments also attach to the Work Order/Job per detail line.

Purchase Order - Quick Attachments also attach to Job & Work Orders referenced on PO Details lines as well as the PO header.