Record Billing Adjustments Taxes Tab


This tab enables you to enter sales tax details for fee taxable contract billings, and to adjust tax amounts for taxable time and materials invoices.


Required for fee taxable fixed fee/contract billing.

Note: if this is the first time you are billing this job, click the Compute Tax button (on the Main tab) to default the Tax Authority lines on the Taxes tab.

Note on Sales Tax and Billing Items: Sales Tax is a job-level calculation.  Sales Tax assignment doesn't try to be Billing Item specific. The Tax Line's Cost Code is set by looking for the Cost Code marked as Default for AR Post = True.  If an 'AR default' isn't found, SQL retrieves a Cost Code at random (probably the one with the smallest jbcstcde_rn) and sets the Tax Line's Cost Code from that. 

Job Tax Status and Fixed Fee Billing:

1. Job Tax Status is 'Sales' and Fixed Fee Taxable is True, then Fee Amount is 'sales taxable'.
2. Job Tax Status is 'Exempt' and Fixed Fee Taxable is True, then Fee Amount is 'tax exempt'.
3. In all other cases, Fee Amount is 'not taxable'.

Important Fields:

Tax Authority Id:
The Tax Authority Id field(s) default (when you click the Compute Tax button) from the Sales Tax Group field in the Job record.

Tax Base:
The amount to be taxed on the this invoice.

The tax rate for this authority.

Tax Amount:
Tax Base X Rate.

Job Cost Code Id:  Billing Item Id:
The Cost Code and Billing Items to which the sales tax will be assigned. The Cost Code flagged as Default for AR Post (if present) will default if these fields cannot be set based on historical data for the Billing Item being billed.