Shop Order to Transfer (Pick List)


Enter the data that was manually entered on a Shop Order Transfer Ticket.


Required for Shop Order processing and inventory control if the Omit Transfer flag (in the Shop Order record) is set to N.

Important Fields:

This viewer is divided into two sections. The upper portion displays the Shop Order header information. The lower section lists the inventory items themselves. Note that when the Order Id and Ticket number are filled in the upper portion of the screen, the detailed information will be displayed in the lower section of the screen.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Order Id:
Enter the Shop Order number printed on the Transfer Ticket.

Transfer Ticket Number:
Enter the Ticket Number (e.g., 1,2, etc.) from the Transfer Ticket.

Date Transferred:
Enter the date the item(s) were actually transferred from the Date field of the Transfer Ticket. To enter today's date, press the Spacebar. To access the Calendar to enter any date, double-click on this field display the Calendar viewer.

Period Id:
Enter the Id of an active Accounting Period (batch) that this transfer journal entry should be assigned to. Note the Date Transferred must fall within the Period Start Date and Period End Date of the Period.

Job Id: Order Description:  Date Required  Date Entered  Time Entered:  Entered By:
Project Id  Job Cost Code Id:  Job Cost Category Id:
Quantity:  Inv Item Id:  Location Id:  Trans. From Location: Inv Group Id:
GL WIP Account  GL Entity Id:  Transferred Cost  Extended Description

These informational, display-only fields are maintained by the system.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Transfer Done?
Clicking this field defaults the Transferred field from the To Transfer quantity.

Enter the number of this component or item indicated on the transfer Ticket. Alternately, you may click on the Transfer Done field to default to AutoFill the number transferred. Entering a non-zero value in the Qty Transferred field forces the Transfer Done field to True: this field must be flagged for correct processing.

Print Status:
Double-click on Transfer Done to auto-fill the number transferred.

Serial Number:
For serialized inventory, enter the serial number for this item.

GL Account:
Enter the GL Account Id to be relieved by the transfer. This field will be automatically filled in if you flag the Transfer Done box.

GL Entity Id:
Optional. Enter the GL Entity (profit center) affected by this transferred.

Ticket  Qty to Transfer  Inventory Item Id:  Unit Cost  Extended Cost
Inv Item Name:  Manufactured? Accounting Period Id:
This information is maintained by the system.