Registry AFT AP (Canadian)

Report AFT Accounts Payable for Canadian AP Direct Deposit


An AFT registry entry must be created for each GL Account and GL Entity combination for which you will be generating direct deposit AP checks. Your Vendors/Vendor’s banks will provide details on the necessary Vendor account and Bank EFT (routing) numbers. Click on Overview to see a summary of the procedures needed to implement this functionality.


This entry is designed for use with Canadian AP processing.

Important Fields:






where glbankaccountid is replaced by the GL Account Id of the bank account your firm uses for payables. The GL Entity MUST be specified if you run payables by GL Account and Entity. If you generate aft checks for multiple GL Accounts/GL Entities, a registry entry MUST be created for each.

The first format enables you to specify parameters by branch id and (optionally) user. If this entry is specific to a user, the branch must be specified if a user belongs to a branch. If branches are not implemented, two dashes (not separated by a space) must precede the user id.

The second format enables you to specify parameters by security id.

The third format would apply to all users unless another registry entry was created for their security or branch/user id.

Note that in the fourth format (for all users if Entities are NOT used) the trailing hyphen must be retained.

Name: A descriptive name for this entry.

If Check Values May Exceed $20,000 (for RBC)

The following entries support the alternate, higher security submission mechanism rules implemented by the Royal Bank of Canada for payments larger than $20,000.00. If any AP AFT checks will be generated in the amount of $20,000, the RBC header line in the output file must be disabled through the following registry entries (note that all Setting Values are empty).  

Setting Key: Format    Setting Value:
Setting Key: TestFileHeader   Setting Value:
Setting Key: ProdFileHeader   Setting Value:

This format is also acceptable for lower dollar amount AP AFT checks.

'C' Lines Characters 194-202 must also be filled with '000000000' via the following option:

Setting Key: edIDReturns   Setting Value: 000000000

If Check Values will Never Exceed $20,000 (for RBC)

If your check values will never exceed $20,000, the following settings may be used.

Setting Key: Format Setting Value: RBC

Setting Key: TestFileHeader Setting Value: $$AAPDCPA1464[TEST[NL$$

The system will use the ProdFileHeader setting if the Test box on Report AFT Accounts Payable is clear.

Setting Key:  ProdFileHeader Setting Value: $$AAPDCPA1464[PROD[NL$$

The system will use the ProdFileHeader setting if the Test box on Report AFT Accounts Payable is clear.

TD Bank

The Format option should be set to blank so that zeros are written to detail records positions 254-264:  

Setting Key: Format   Setting Value:  

TD Bank EFT 80 Byte File Format

Setting Key: Format    Setting Value: TD80

In addition to this setting, make sure that the edOriginatorName field is a max of 15 characters.

AFT/AP Link Reporting for RBC

Registry to Enable:

Id: sys-aftap-glbankaccountid-

Setting Key: Format    Setting Value: RBCAPLink

Setting Key: eol Setting Value: crlf

Other Required Entries  (for all dollar values, RBC, AP Link and TD Bank)

Setting Key: edOriginatorDirectClearerId Setting Value: 10 alpha-numeric character
The Value must consist of the ID specified by your firm’s bank or other originator.

Setting Key: fhOriginatorId Setting Value: nnnnnnnnnn
where nnnnnnnnnn is replaced your by the 10 character origination number specified by your bank.

Setting Key: fhDestinationDataCentre Setting Value: #####
where ##### is replaced by the 5 digit numeric number provided by your bank.

Setting Key: fhCurrencyCode Setting Value: CAD or USD
Specify CAD for Canadian dollars.

Setting Key: edOriginatorName Setting Value: 30 alpha-numeric characters
The Value must consist of the up to 30 character name provided by your firm’s bank or other originator.

Setting Key: edIdReturns Setting Value: 9 digit numeric

This must be set to 000000000 if any checks may exceed $20,000.

Setting Key: edAccountNoReturns Setting Value: 12 alpha-numeric

Setting Key: eol Setting Value: crlf
this option should be only included if your bank/financial institution requires that a carriage return/line feed code is included at the end of each line.

Setting Key: filename Setting Value: nnnnnnnn
this optional field specifies the name of the electronic file that will be created when the Generate AFT Register function is run. If this parameter is not included, the system will create a file with the filename transmitdate-transmittime.aft.

Setting Key: PathName Setting Value: sharepath/eftdirectory

By default, the electronic file generated by Report AFT AP is automatically written to the directory containing the SAMPro executable.  This registry option enables the user to specify a directory path to override the default:

Note that sharepath/eftdirectory must be replaced by a valid directory name.

Setting Key: uppercase Setting Value: y

This may be included if your bank/financial institution explicitly instructs you that all text must be uppercase.