Registry AP Date to Pay / Select Invoices for Payment

The View AP Date of Pay List is accessed from View AP Date To Pay List or via the Workflow Folder's AP tab Select Invoices for Payment button.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-viewer-sapdtetopylst

Enable Pay All Invoices Button

The 'Pay All Invoices' option is particularly useful for allowing the user to reset the Gross Payment and Discount to Take if it was previously cleared by voiding a check.

 When this option is enabled via the following registry, the new Pay All Invoices button will be displayed on the AP Date to Pay List window:

Setting Key: AllowPayAllInvoices   Setting Value: true    (default false)

When the Pay All Invoices button is clicked, the system displays a window which prompts the user to enter the Date to Pay and Discounts Date (all available Discounts due on or after the Discount Date you entered will be taken). When the user clicks OK, the Gross Amount, Discount and Retainage fields will be revised based on the dates entered, with all available Payment, Discount and Retainage amounts being completed. The user may make needed adjustments before clicking 'Go'.

Sort AP Vendor Date-to-Pay List

This option controls the sort order for the function. For example, this can be used to sort invoices by due date rather than invoice number.

Id: sys-viewer-sapdtetopylst

Setting Key:  OrderBy  Setting Value: field1,field2,...

Any columns in the Vendor or Vendor Invoice tables should be eligible to be included in the  registry entry.  (NOTE: default Order By is vndr_alpha, vndr_id, vndrinvce_invce_nmbr)

Example: Sort checklist by Vendor Alpha, Id and Vendor Invoice Payment Date

Id: sys-viewer-sapdtetopylst

Setting Key:  OrderBy  Setting Value: vndr_alpha,vndr_id,vndrinvce_nxt_pymnt_dte