Registry AP Manual (Single Write) Checks

Related Registries:

Registry Entry for AP Checks: Most standard registries available for AP Checks are supported for Single Write checks. These registry entries must be made in the sys-report-rapchck registry since most properties from the AP Single Write check are 'inherited' from the AP Check.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-report-rapchckmnl


Option to Set Default GL Bank Account and / or GL Entity

These options must be set in this registry.

Setting Key: DefaultGLBankAccount Setting Value: GLAccountId  or
Setting Key: GLBankAccount Setting Value: GLAccountId

Setting Key: DefaultGLBankEntity Setting Value: GLEntityId  or
Setting Key: GLBankEntity Setting Value: GLEntityId

The GLBankAccount and DefaultGLBankAccount options provide a means of defaulting the bank account. Use of GLBankAccount and DefaultGLBankAccount should be thought of as mutually exclusive even though the Registry viewer won't prevent it. Do not use both!

Intercompany Note: If the DefaultGLBankAccount option is set, the GL Bank Account specified in the registry defaults when the user selects the Company (or it defaults if only one Company is specified in the database). The Account is cleared if the user selects a different Company for which the registry is not set.

The rules for Entity defaulting and validation are similar to the above description for GL Accounts.

Option to Disable the GL Entity Field (non-Intercompany installations only)

Setting Key: disabledFieldsParent    Setting Value:

This option is designed to prevent the GL Entity from being inadvertently entered for non-Intercompany SAMPro installations. It should only be enabled if the GL Entity should NEVER be entered when printing this type of check.