Registry Archive Change Log (sys-start-sarchvercrdchngelg)

The Start Archive Record Change Log function executes without screen input so that it can be scheduled to run after hours using the Scheduled Event Manager. By default, the most recent 10 days of change log data will be retained in the change log table, while change log data older than 10 days will be moved to the change log archive. The number of days of data to retain can be controlled by the following registry entry.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-start-sarchvercrdchngelg

Setting Key: DaysToSave Setting Value: number of days
Enter how many days of change records you want to retain in the change log table. (Default 10).


 Assume that you specify the following option and then run the archive:

 Setting Key: DaysToSave Setting Value: 30

When the archive is run, all change log records older than 30 days will be move to the record change log archive table.