Registry Book Viewer


Books expedite the creation of a "package" of invoice-related documents that can be easily transmitted to their customers as a PDF file or files. The system creates a folder for the PDF’s associated with each Book. This registry specifies where these folders will be created.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-viewer-vbk

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

Specify Base Directory for PDF Folders

Setting Key: pdfdirectory Setting Value: pathtodirectory

This option is highly recommended. This option defines the base directory for the folders created by the system for your PDF Books. If this registry entry is not in place, these files will be saved as follows:

PDFDirectory from registry sys-viewer-vbk / the Directory from dbreportfiles / the Sampro BaseDirectory.

Registry To Display Files as they Generate (restores previous behavior)

In previous releases, when .PDF files were created from the Book viewer, they were immediate displayed, along with a document log workspace. Since this could generate an alarming number of windows, the default is to NOT display the .PDF or Workspace files.

If you would prefer that the .PDF files be displayed as they are generated, the following registry is required.

Setting Key: ShowMakePDFInfo Setting Value: true  (default is false)