Registry COP Invoice

Use Portrait COP Invoice Format

Version 8.2.545.072 and Above

Registry Id: sys-printer-dialog-rcopinvce

By default, the COP Invoice prints in landscape mode. This option will allow it to print in portrait orientation, and will fit in most typical window envelopes when folded. If you choose to use it, it will be necessary to update your COP Invoice graphics files.

The following registry option enables the portrait format:

Setting Key:orientation Setting Value: 1

The sys-report-rcopinvce registry (or registries) should initially be edited so that the additional line registry options are disabled: they may be re-enabled if needed for your particular data.

8.2.545.071 and Earlier the Following was Supported:

Registry Id: sys-printer-rcopinvce

Setting Key:orientation Setting Value: 1