Registry CRM Gmail Calendar Interface

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User  Setup/Configuration  for CRMAnywhere - Gmail Calendar Interface

User Record - Registry Tab:

The following Keys are required for the user's Activities to be interfaced with a Gmail Calendar.

Key:  GmailCalendarId  Value: the gmail address associated with the calendar

Key:  GmailCertificatePassword  Value: see Gmail Service Configurations

Key: GmailCertificateLocation  Value: see Gmail Service Configurations

Key:  GmailServiceAccountEmail  Value: see Gmail Service Configurations

Gmail Service Configuration:

Contact your support person to complete this step. They will provide the appropriate values for completing the User Registry Tab.

Google Calendar Integration Settings for the User

From your Google Calendar, use the cog dropdown to select Settings. On the General settings tab, scroll down until you find the Events from Gmail setting. Uncheck the box. Scroll down until you see Show events you have declined and Automatically add invitations to my calendar. It's recommended to set both of these to No. Click Save to keep your changes.

Select the Calendars tab. Find your Gmail account's main calendar and click Shared: Edit Settings. Do NOT check the Make this calendar public box. Under Share with specific people, enter the GmailServiceAccountEmail value from your SAMPro User record's Registry Tab. Set the Permission settings to Make changes AND manage sharing. Click Save.