Registry Check Viewer


The standard view of the Check viewer was changed to simplify initial data entry, making it desirable to disable all fields in this viewer via registry so that group ‘All’ users would not accidentally make changes to this record. Access/rights to this record should already be controlled via User Groups and Functions for members of other User Groups.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-viewer-vchcklst

To disable all Check fields (after initial data entry)

Setting Key: DisabledFieldsParent

Setting Value: gl-bnk:,,chck.nmbr,chck.amnt,chck.rfrnce-nme ,chck.dte-chck,chck.type,chck.dscrptn


Setting Key: disabledFieldschild

Setting Value: chcklst.amnt-grss

Registries Required for Initial Data Entry for Checks

This functionality depends on the following registry entry to automatically assign a record Id value

Setting Key: IdFromRn Setting Value: true

To avoid confusion during the manual entry process also implement the following registry option

Setting Key: NewRecordAfterAdd Setting Value: true

Without this setting the only way the user can initiate a new check record is to hit the New Record button.

IMPORTANT: After initial data entry has been completed, the options required for Initial Data Entries should be disabled.