Registry Corporate Metrics (sys-corporate-metrics)


This registry currently supports a refinement of the Inventory Turns calculation.

Related Registry:

See Registry Start Compute Corporate Metrics for a registry to set initial values for this function's range screen.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-corporate-metrics

Option to Refine Turns Calculation

The following registry may be used to refine the Compute Corporate Metrics logic so that so that if an item’s on-hand quantity is <=0 AND the transaction will reduce the quantity on hand further, the transaction is NOT used in the turns calculation. This change is incorporated in both the Inventory and Inventory By Location computations.

Setting Key:  Turns-IncludePositiveOnHandOnly   Setting Value: Yes  (default No)

Any value beginning with 'Y' or 'T' (upper or lower case) will turn this option on.