Registry Start Create PM Billing (sys-start-scrtepmbllng)


This entry enables "service" jobs to be used on the Client Site Billing Schedule.  When this is done a "PM Invoice" type W.O. will be created with all settings necessary for immediate billing via "Start Compute Service Invoices"...this allows us to have ALL service billing running through the same process and report, rather than using the "Service Invoice" for service jobs and Record Billing Adjustments for PM jobs.

Testing Your Registry Entries
The system does not verify the validity of registry entries. Be sure to test your registry entries after completing them to verify that they are functioning correctly.

Setting Values are Uppercase-Lowercase Sensitive:
The Setting Value is case-sensitive: be sure that you enter the value exactly as specified in the documentation. If the documentation specifies a value of true, do NOT enter True or TRUE.


If your firm has been billing PM Invoices via Record Billing Adjustments, please consult with your support representative before changing to the PM Invoice Work Order method discussed here. It will be necessary to set up ‘service compute’ jobs, and reference them correctly in the Client Site PM Schedule.

Note that this PM Invoice Work Order will only be used for billing purposes.

Related Registries:

See Default PM GL Accounts for a Global Settings option which provides default GL Accounts for the system to use if the corresponding fields on the Client Site PM Billing tab are blank when Start Create PM Billing is run.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-start-scrtepmbllng

See the Standard Registry section in Registry Viewer for additional Registry Id formats to allow entries for specific Users, Branches, Security, or User Groups to override the main entry.

To Generate PM Work Order Invoices

Setting Key: CreatePMInvoiceWO Setting Value: true

This entry is required in order for PM Invoice Work Orders to be generated so that the Compute Service Invoice functionality may be used to produce PM Billing Invoices.

Important Note:

If this option is implemented, all PM Billing Jobs MUST be flagged as Service Compute and linked to the serviceinvoice format, NOT rininv4.

If this option is not implemented, all PM Billing Jobs must NOT be Service Compute jobs. They must instead be linked to the rininv4 invoice format.

Disable Combining Common Lines on PM Invoices

Version 8.2 and above allow  'common' lines to be included on a single PM Invoice so that taxable and non-taxable components can be handled appropriately  (via Job Cost Category). Lines are considered 'common' when they have the same values for these fields: Client Site Id, Billing Schedule Date, Job Id, Cost Code, Billing Item, Payment Alias and Master Contract. Since some user prefer not to combine 'common' PM Billing lines, the following registry has been enabled:

Registry Id: sys-start-scrtepmbllng

Setting Key: PMBillingDisableCombiningCommonLines  Setting Value: true (default false)

When this option is enabled, one WO Invoice will be generated for each Client Site PM Billing Invoice line.

Show Invoice Description on PM Invoice Work Order

Setting Key: ShowInvoiceDescriptionAsWorkRequested Setting Value: true

If the option CreatePMInvoiceWO is also enabled, adding this option will set the Work Order Work Requested from the Client Site Billing Tab Invoice description. Note: implementing this for PM Invoice Workorders may result in the work requested effectively printing twice - depending on the invoice format that you select.

Specify Cost Category on PM Invoice Work Orders

Setting Key: CostCategory Setting Value: costcategoryid

where costcategoryid is replaced with the cost category that should default to the Revenue Adjustments tab of the PM Invoice Work Order. This option is required for correct invoices.

Specify Work Code for PM Invoice Work Orders

Setting Key: WorkCode Setting Value: workcodeid

Specifies a valid work code Id for all PM Invoice work orders. If this line is omitted, the work code field will be blank.

Specify Technician for PM Invoice Work Order

Setting Key: TechId Setting Value: techid

where techid is replaced with a valid Technician Id. Typically, this option would be implemented in conjunction with Escalation Management and a ‘billing clerk’ technician.

Specify Escalation Profile for PM Invoice Work Order

Setting Key: EscalationProfileId Setting Value: escalationprofileid

where escalationprofileid is replaced with a valid Escalation Profile Id. If implemented. An escalation profile would typically be used to alert the billing clerk (or other appropriate individuals) that PM Invoice work orders exists and should be invoiced via Compute Service Invoice.

Specify Invoice Description

Setting Key: InvoiceDescription Setting Value: description

Replace description with a brief description to print on this invoice if the Invoice Description is blank on the Site's PM Billing Tab or the Master Contract's Advanced Billing Tab.

The system will write the phrase "PM Invoice" to PM Invoice Work Orders if the above registry option is not implemented, and an Invoice Description is also absent from the Client Site and/or Master Contract billing tabs.  

Set customer’s PO on PM Invoice WorkOrders

Implement one of the above options to default in the customer’s PO Number to the PM Invoice Work Order. Do not include the information in the parentheses in the actual registry entry.

Setting Key: WorkOrderPO Setting Value: job      (use PO# from job, ignore site record)
Setting Key: WorkOrderPO Setting Value: job,site  (use PO# from job first, site second)
Setting Key: WorkOrderPO Setting Value: site     (use PO# from site, ignore job record)
Setting Key: WorkOrderPO Setting Value: site,job  (use PO# from site first, job second)

If the Job record is selected, the PO# will default from the PO# field on the Main tab of the Job record. If the Site record is selected, the PO# will default from the Agreement PO# field on the Service tab of the Client Site record.

Registry to Default Service Account Manager from Site to PM Invoices

When this registry is enabled, the Service Account Manager from the Client Site will be defaulted to the PM Invoice Work Order. If this registry is not implemented or set to false, the Service Account Manager field will be blank.

Registry Id: sys-start-scrtepmbllng
Setting Key: GetServiceAccountManagerFromClientSite  Setting Value: true (default is false)


Registry entry to clear OK to Bill Flag after post

This registry entry sets the WO Ready-to-Invoice flag set to false (unchecked) during the Service Invoice Post for each invoiced WO having Date Closed <> '1900-01-01':

Setting Key: ClearInvoiceReadyForClosedWOs Setting Value: true