Registry Custom EDI Purchasing


This registry provides the configurations required to run the Custom EDI functionality for Purchasing.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-edi-haller

Enable EDI

Setting Key: Enabled    Setting Value: yes

Paths to Inbound and Outbound Folders

The folders identified in these registries entry provide the  Inbound and Outbound interfaces with RKL. RKL must be informed of the locations of these folders and have access to them.

Setting Key: InboundFolder    Setting Value: path to inbound folder

Setting Key: InboundAcceptedFolder    Setting Value: path to inbound accepted folder

Setting Key: InboundRejectedFolder    Setting Value: path to inbound rejected folder

Setting Key: OutboundFolder    Setting Value: path to outbound folder

Setting Key: OutboundAcceptedFolder    Setting Value: path to outbound accepted folder

Setting Key: OutboundRejectedFolder    Setting Value: path to outbound rejected folder


Setting Key: LogMode    Setting Value: on

Setting Key: LogPath   Setting Value: path\EDILog.txt

If logging is enabled (strongly recommended), this registry specifies the path and filename to be used for logging.

Email Alerts

The email addresses are used to send emails whenever errors are encountered when processing Inbound folder messages.

Setting Key: EmailFrom    Setting Value: validemailaddress

Setting Key: EmailTo   Setting Value: validemailaddress