Registry DBAnalytics (sys-dbanalytics)


This entry enables you to specify default settings for DBAnalytics. The registry for DBAnalytics will first look at sys-dbanalytics, then at the User Registry table to get registry settings specific to the user.

Related Registries:

Registry DBAnalytic Dashboard.

Important Fields:

Id: sys-dbanalytics

Dispatch Board Types Available in Manage Dispatch Boards

Setting Key: DispatchBoardTypes   Setting Value: BoardType:/filepath

Specifies the different types of dispatch boards that are available and the url of where the dispatch board is located. Format is: [name1]:[url1],[name2]:[url2].


Setting Key: DispatchBoardTypes

Setting Value: v1:default, New Call:/Dispatch/Dispatch/DispatchBoard, Scheduler:/Scheduler/Dispatch/Scheduler

Refresh Analytic Data

Setting Key: DataExpirationPolicy Setting Value: timeinhours

Checks each analytic on login based on the number of hours specified in the registry value. Data older than the number of hours will be refreshed on login. Integers only.

Registry Entry to Refresh Analytics Upon Login

Setting Key: RefreshOnLoad   Setting Value: True or False

Can be set to true to force all analytics to retrieve new data when the user logs in.

Document Upload Path

Setting Key: UploadFolder   Setting Value: filepath

The directory that will be used to store files uploaded with an upload drilldown.

Default Email Sender

Setting Key: EmailFrom   Setting Value: emailaddress

The default email sender when emailing from within DBAnalytics.

Registry Entry to Disable Changes to Dashboard Layout

Setting Key: DisableLayoutChanges    Setting Value: True or False

Can be set to true to stop a user from making changes to the layout of their dashboard. Will disable closing of tabs, tab groups, and analytics, as well as preventing renaming and moving of tabs and tab groups.

Define First Day of Week When Using Week Date Variables

Setting Key: FirstDayOfTheWeek  Setting Value: dayoftheweek

Specifies when the week starts for date options that use weeks (Last Week, This Week, Next Week, LastXWeeks, NextXWeeks). Valid values are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Admin Rights to Shared Analytics

Setting Key: DBAnalyticsAdmin    Setting Value: True or False

When set to true, the user will have the ability to un-share any shared analytic, and the ability to override other users shared analytic subscriptions with the replace function.

Registry Entry to Disable Exporting of Analytics

Setting Key: DisableExport   Setting Value: True or False

When set to true, the user will not have the export functions available in GenericTables.