Registry Electronic Payment Credit Card Processing

Electronic Payments Setup

SAMPro supports Electronic Payments credit card processing as well as OpenEdge. Data-Basics works with USAePay as the middleman to Electronic Payment (the company that SAMPro users would sign up with).

1. To enable this functionality in SAMPro, you must first set up an account with Electronic Payments. Once you have done an API Key and PIN number must be generated for when you set up your SAMPro registries.

Instructions for generating an API PIN/Key:

Log into EP's customer merchant console (Vault Gateway).
Under Settings, click API Keys (If API Keys option is missing, contact EPI support).
Click Add API Key on upper right.
Name = Databasics
PIN = any random 4 digit key you feel like typing (remember this for registry)
Click Save on lower right. After saving, it will auto-generate an API Key. Use this for the registry.

2.  SamproSecureCommunication.war must be installed in Glassfish to enable this functionality. If your firm does not already have a Glassfish server installed (for DBAnalytics or TechAnywhere) contact your support representative to set this up.

3. It is recommended that you create a new Payment Type record with the Id set to EPCreditCard and the GL Bank Account set to the appropriate bank or sweep account for Electronic Payments. This will be used for recurring payment processing.

4. Complete the registry entries listed below.

5. We recommend testing this functionality in your sandbox first. When you go life with this functionality, test with a company credit card before using for customers.

Registry to Specify Electronic Payments as the Payment Processor

Registry ID: sys-ffv-global-settings

Setting Key: DefaultPaymentProcessor  Setting Value: EP

This registry is required to specify Electronic Payments as the payment processor, If this registry is absent, Open Edge (OE) is assumed to be the default processor.

Registry to Configure Electronic Payments Processing

Registry Id: sys-payment-processor-ep

Glassfish Settings

Setting Key: Server  Setting Value: FILL IN SERVER NAME HERE

This registry specifies your Glassfish server.

Setting Key: Port  Setting Value: FILL IN GLASSFISH PORT

Address for Sandbox or Live Electronic Payments URL (only enable one)


Setting Key: URL  Setting Value:


Setting Key: URL  Setting Value:

Additional Required Settings

Setting Key: APIPin  Setting Value: enter pin provided by EP

Enter the API Pin provided specified for your firm in Electronic Payments (see Electronic Payments Setup above).

Setting Key: APIKey   Setting Value: enter key provided by EP

Enter the API Key provided for your firm by Electronic Payments .

Setting Key: content-type  Setting Value: application/json

This entry is required and must be entered as shown above.

Setting Key: PaymentProcessor  Setting Value: SamproSecureCommunication/SSL

This entry is required and must be entered as shown above.

Setting Key: Directory  Setting Value: paymentProcessing

This entry specifies a subdirectory the base SAMPro directory that is used to for Electronic Payment logs.

Setting Key: PMPaymentBillingCode Setting Value: enter a valid payment type id

This registry defines the Payment Type to use with EP credit card processing. This Payment Type must specify the G/L Bank Account to use for auto pay PM Billings (e.g, EPCreditCard).