Registry Web Viewable Document Categories (web-settings)


This registry entry enables firms to control which attachments may be viewed by their clients on the Client Web Portal. These rules are based on the Category field in the Document (Attachment) record. 

In Version 6.2 and up, this registry entry works in addition to the CRM Viewable box in the Document viewer. If a document’s category is specified in this registry entry OR the CRM Viewer box is checked, that document will be viewable in CRMAnywhere.

Related Registries:

See Registry CRMAnywhere (web-settings) for additional web-settings options.

Important Fields:

Id: web-settings

Version 7.1 Additional Contents: wcWebAttachments=dcmnt_ctgry

Version 7.2 Setting Key: wcWebAttachments Setting Value: dcmnt_ctgry

where dcmnt_ctrgy is replaced by a specify document category (e.g., clientdocs) or a like statement .